1. Joni J.

    Joni J. Business Owner Joni is a hardworking woman who spent the last 12 years of her career in Alaska’s oil and gas industry in Prudhoe Bay’s oil fields. Known affectionately as “Boney Joni” in her childhood years, Joni never had to worry about her weight in her youth or even after she gave birth to her two sons. But, as she reached her late 40s, she was adding 10 to 15 pounds each year a…Read More

  2. We are now in-network with Aetna!

    We are pleased to announce that we are now "in-network" with Aetna, one of Alaska’s - and the nation’s - largest health insurance providers. Effective February 1, Alaskans covered by Aetna insurance could see a significant reduction in out-of-pocket costs when receiving care at Anchorage Bariatrics. “We are pleased to make things a little easier for Alaskans who are struggling to lose excess…Read More

  3. Don’t stress out over the holidays!!

    The holidays are here again and it's the season of fun and merriment. It's also the season of parties, reunions, preparations and clean-ups. There's a lot to do during this time of the year and it could get REALLLLLY overwhelming. Now, don't do that - don't stress over the holidays because stressing is just bad (best word to describe it). First of all, stress and weight-gain are best friends (beca…Read More

  4. Want to get bariatric surgery but worried about the cost?

    Want to get bariatric surgery but worried about the cost? Don't worry just yet (worrying can add to your weight!). Try researching first. Do you really need surgery? Consulting with your family doctor or attending one of our free informational sessions are great places to start. If the answer is yes, research more on what procedure is recommended for you and the average cost of that procedure. Our…Read More

  5. Thanksgiving

    Can slim, fit and happy really be in a single sentence especially this Thanksgiving? Absolutely! There really are ways to be slim, fit and happy this week! We've got a few suggestions so you can enjoy Thanksgiving without falling too far from what you've been working on weight-loss wise: Don't stress on it. Cortisol alert! Remember stress makes you want to eat more! Enjoy the moment and the compan…Read More

  6. Forbes Bariatric Article

    Extensive research has proven that lifestyle changes and proactive follow-up care make a big difference for bariatric patients. Surgery is only the first step and what comes next is just as important, both in the short- and long-term. At Anchorage Bariatrics, we believe in supporting our patients all the way through their weight loss journey and beyond. This support comes in the forms of twice mon…Read More

  7. He did it, so can you!!

    “If you’re considering a weight loss surgery, don’t be nervous,” shares Jabiel, our latest Success Story participant. “Listen to Dr. Clark, he’s got all the information. The Anchorage Bariatrics system is easy to follow; they have a really good program and educate patients very well. Just do everything they say and the weight will disappear. No need to go anywhere else!” ~Jabiel C. H…Read More

  8. Jabiel C.

    Jabiel C. “I was always the skinny kid growing up,” begins Jabiel C. “I never had to worry about my weight or eating habits until I retired from the military after a 20 year career. At that time, I was a little overweight, but once I didn’t have that daily routine any more, the weight came on quickly. In 2015, I hit 300 pounds and knew I had to make a change.” As the scale went up for Ja…Read More

  9. Why consulting a human expert is better than consulting Google

    Information today (we think) is at the tip of our fingers. Want to know something? Google it. Want to exercise? Search for an exercise routine on Youtube - you'll find everything from yoga to extreme sports. Diet? Google has it all. But does it work? Not always because Google doesn't have the first-hand human experience. It's written or uploaded by experts, but they're not exactly tailored for you…Read More

  10. You’re not the only one who feels that way

    "Dr. Clark was uncommonly kind and nonjudgmental every step of the way. He is so mellow and accepting and he offers you solid routines for how to adjust to your new life. You never have anything to be ashamed of when you’re in his care." ~Valerie C. Like many other people, Valerie was terrified of doctor appointments because she had bad experiences in the past - mostly because her weight was cau…Read More

  11. Stuck between Y.O.L.O. and your weight loss plan?

    Do you find yourself yo-yo dieting and wondering why? It may be because you were not completely mentally prepared. You probably started very serious with your weight loss and diet, but possibly tired of it and didn't see immediate results - so you just throw your hands up and yell YOLO (you only live once)! If you tell yourself YOLO every now and again, then you are not mentally prepared! Okay, so…Read More

  12. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

    The phrase "to see is to believe" is very popular among people who have doubts. The effectiveness of bariatric surgery is one of those things that a lot of people happen to doubt... Let us introduce you to Russel F. He is one of our success stories and someone who "saw and believed." He saw others achieve success with bariatric surgery which inspired him to learn more and later have surgery himsel…Read More