1. You are not alone!

    You are not alone if you're wondering why you are overweight despite your efforts. Almost 70% of adults are obese or overweight, and this is the leading cause of diabetes and a risk factor for many other health problems. That is why we are passionate about helping you lose the weight so you can be healthy and live your best life. Genetics, behavior, and the environment all play a role, so there is…Read More

  2. What Type Of Eater Are You? Tips For Specific Food Personality Types

    The team at Anchorage Bariatrics is committed to guiding you along your path to a healthier lifestyle. This week, we offer some "food for thought" when it comes to your "food personality." Are you a "Snack Grazer," "Dashboard Diner" or "Party Binger?" Check out these specific recommendations for specific types of eaters here. If you would like more information about how Anchorage Bariatrics can he…Read More

  3. Overnight Oats, Metabolism Tips And A New Beginning

    Welcome to Anchorage Bariatrics, your partner in your quest for a healthier lifestyle. In this newsletter, you will find tips to fit some light exercise into your daily routine, a quick and easy nutritious recipe to try, and helpful links to resources for weight loss. If you would like more information about how Anchorage Bariatrics can help you with a customized weight loss solution, would like t…Read More

  4. Anchorage Bariatrics’s Dr. Clark Responds to New York Times Article

    A recent New York Times article, published in the Alaska Dispatch News, entitled “Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Medical Care? Many Doctors Don’t See Past the Fat,” highlighted the discrimination obese patients face when they are dealing with medical concerns. Dr. Justin Clark, founder of Anchorage Bariatrics, responded to this in his article, “Doctors Should Always See Past the Fat,” w…Read More

  5. Welcome to the Blog of Anchorage Bariatrics!

    Anchorage Bariatrics is the home of weight loss solutions for you to reach and maintain a healthy weight. We have both surgical and non-surgical solutions to help you reach your goal weight, as well as the dietary support to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Anchorage Bariatrics is the comprehensive weight loss practice to turn to whether you need to lose 15 pounds or 150 pounds or more. No…Read More