1. Exercises to do while watching TV

    TV shows are getting better and better each season and so are the writers - they sure know how to get you hooked! So, how can you use your down time to get your heart rate up? Introducing "Streaming September!" The idea is to choose a TV series you can stream (binge watch) but only while exercising. That's it - the only rule is if you're watching this particular show, you've got to be moving your …Read More

  2. Best alternatives for diet soda

    Does drinking diet soda make you fat? If yes, why bother getting a "diet" soda when the effects are pretty much the same as a regular soda? Let's get into the facts first. Diet sodas are so called "diet" because of the low (to no) calorie and sugar content compared to regular soda. Lower calorie and sugar content means it does not directly add to your weight. However, diet sodas use artificial swe…Read More

  3. Using simple exercises to manage diabetes

    Managing diabetes is not easy because it comes with different comorbidities, but did you know that weight management and physical fitness can do a lot to help with managing it? Simple exercises actually help you use insulin better and lower your blood sugar. Here's how: There are a few ways that exercise lowers blood glucose (sugar): Insulin sensitivity is increased, so your muscle cells are bette…Read More

  4. Setting an example for healthy eating

    Being a parent is not easy, but it is rewarding. That is why parents give their best to care for their child. One great example of this is Tim and Megan's Success Story. Their children's welfare is one of the biggest motivating factors for these parents who pursued bariatric surgery together. "I’ve been heavy my entire life. Our older son was picking up really bad habits from us and I didn't wan…Read More

  5. How to keep your gallbladder healthy

    Did you know that gallbladder surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world, and that Drs. Lee and Clark regularly perform these procedures? Many gallbladder complications are caused by diet, but there are other risk factors as well. Those at highest risk for gallbladder issues or gallstones are women over the age of 40; those who consume a high-fat, high-cholesterol and lo…Read More

  6. Tim & Megan C.

    Tim & Megan C. Husband & Wife *Results May Vary As parents, we always want to be there for our kids.  That is one of the biggest motivators for parents Tim and Megan C. who pursued bariatric surgery. Post-surgery, Tim shares, “Being able to walk upstairs without being winded, being able to walk for long periods of time without ankles, knees and backs hurting, it’s like a whole new wor…Read More

  7. Your Questions Answered With First-Hand Experiences

    Sharing is caring. When it comes to bariatric surgery, the better person (next to the doctor) to answer your questions is someone who has been through it. The answers that you may get will not be medical advice, but as we all know, experience is a good teacher. People who have been through the experience can genuinely describe what it's like - the fears, the pain, the relief, the joy, and the ben…Read More

  8. Sherri R.

    Sherri R. Have you ever been body shamed? Made to feel like a second-class citizen because of your weight? It’s the last socially-acceptable form of discrimination and it happened to Sherri R. one day. As unfortunate as that incident was, it was the spark that lit the flame for Sherri to make the positive change she needed to make. Sherri, who is a nurse, was first concerned with how she would h…Read More

  9. Cara H.

    Cara H. “I’m only 24. I thought I had time to lose this weight on my own. I figured, ‘I’m young enough, I can probably do it.’ Then I got real with myself and realized I had already been trying for years,” laments Cara H., a young professional in Anchorage. Cara relates that she had always been “chunkier” growing up and that the weight began packing on in her teens after undergoing…Read More

  10. No Judgement Here. We Understand You!

    You want change; you're ready for it. You have questions, but you're afraid to ask. Why? Could it be because the other times you've asked, you've been judged and denied the help you're requesting? Maybe you just weren't in the right place.  “From the moment I first arrived at the Anchorage Bariatrics office, I felt like I had entered a giant, welcoming support facility. The entire office staff …Read More

  11. The Truths About Bariatric Surgery

    The media tells us a lot about bariatric surgery. Yes, it is for weight loss, but some say it's just an easy "way out" of obesity and that is incorrect. Read the truths behind the top three myths about bariatric surgery. Myth 1: Bariatric surgery is for everyone who is overweight. Truth: Bariatric surgery is not for everybody who wants to lose weight. There are things that doctors look at to se…Read More

  12. Hormones And Your Body’s Performance

    The human body is both amazing and complicated. Multiple different brain chemicals and hormones affect the body's performance, including how excess weight is stored and where. Specifically, these hormones are cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone and the thyroid hormone. Do you have more mass around your tummy area? You may be able to blame it on cortisol and insulin imbalance. Cortisol is a …Read More