1. Drs. Clark and Lee Recognized as Verified Surgeons Through National Accreditation Program

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug. 7, 2018   Drs. Clark and Lee of Anchorage Bariatrics recognized as verified surgeons through national accreditation program ANCHORAGE -- Last week, Drs. Justin Clark and Sean Lee, owners of Anchorage Bariatrics, became verified surgeons through the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP®), the only nationwide accreditatio…Read More

  2. Wow! Look what she did!

    Wow! Look what she did! We are SO proud of Teresa for losing over 90 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery just one year ago. Teresa says, “If you or someone you know is struggling with weight issues, come to Anchorage Bariatrics right now. Don’t hesitate and don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t do it. Set your mind and go for it!" Thanks, Teresa! We couldn't have said it bet…Read More

  3. Mind Over Matter

    It’s all in the mind. Don’t we hear that all too often? But, it is true - the mind is the most powerful thing we have. Let’s reflect on our health. Is your mind caring for your body enough? Every day we go about our busy lives usually just taking what fits our schedule – whatever food is available fast, what exercise we can do fast (or do we even have time for that?) or what we can accompl…Read More

  4. The Myth of Comfort Food

    Of course you've heard of "comfort food" and probably have a few favorites of your own. However, have you ever really thought about why comfort food exists and why you have such a strong desire to eat it? For most of us, comfort foods are rooted in traditions and emotional events. Think birthday cake on your birthday or turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving. These are things you look forward to and …Read More

  5. Anchorage Bariatrics Featured In Alaska Business Magazine!

    Earlier this month, Dr. Jane H. Elliott and Dr. H.B. Acker were featured in an article on the Alaska Business Magazine. The topic of the article was focused on Anchorage Bariatrics being the first clinic in the state to offer psychological services alongside bariatrics. Recently, experts have been increasingly showcasing correlations between mental health and obesity, and other physical ailments a…Read More

  6. 10 Ways to Get Moving!

    Now that the temperatures are beginning to warm up a bit, getting outside and moving around might sound more appealing. There are so many outdoor activities that will get you the daily exercise you need that we cannot even begin to list them all... so here's a few to get you started! Walk your dog or walk your child to and from school Hike Flattop Mountain, Falls Creek and/or Winner Creek Trails T…Read More

  7. Working together to help serve you better

    Last Thursday, we hosted our second Open House event for medical providers in the state. The goal of this event was to educate the medical community so that we, as healthcare providers, can give you the best possible medical care and advice. We welcomed about 100 providers, gave tours of our facilities, and enjoyed refreshments and music while discussing ways to help Alaskans live longer, happier,…Read More

  8. We’ve been busy working to help YOU!

    Did you know that we have doubled the size of our state-of-the-art clinic in Midtown Anchorage, brought on new providers and new services to help you, and have become the first bariatrics clinic in the state to offer psychological services alongside bariatrics? Phew! We've been busy! We added two licensed clinical psychologists to our team and partnered with local boutique gym Body Renew as a way …Read More

  9. Are you ready for the journey?

    Some individuals arrive at Anchorage Bariatrics following years of contemplating bariatric surgery. Others step through our front door urged by their primary care physician. Whatever your motivation, once you check into our office, you become our patient and we all keep your best interests paramount. The decision to undertake weight loss bariatric surgery is a major step and not one to be taken li…Read More

  10. We are here for you!

    At Anchorage Bariatrics, we provide complete support for our patients, from nutrition counseling, psychological evaluations and emotional support, exercise plans (both in-house and through our partnership with Body Renew), as well as support groups and of course, pre- and post-operative care. We take patient confidentiality very seriously. Many of our encouraging staff have personal experience wit…Read More

  11. Vitamins and minerals are critical to your health

    Our modern diets include many foods that have been genetically altered to provide better taste, fewer calories, reduced fat, and many other “desirable” tradeoffs. Sadly, many of these alterations come at the expense of the nutritional content of the food. This is why it is important that we all take a good daily multivitamin. This is especially true for our patients on weight loss medications …Read More

  12. Success isn’t just a dream, it can be YOUR reality, too!

    Have you ever thought that no one understands how you feel about your weight? Kristi is one of those people who can relate - she’s someone who truly knows what it is like to be overweight and unhappy about it. She is also someone who had the courage to make a change and is now living her best life for it. Meet Kristi, our own bariatric patient turned staff member, who has lost 95 pounds and kept…Read More