1. NY Times: Obesity Linked to Coronavirus Severity

    In this article published by the NY Times, it appears that patients with obesity experienced more severe COVID-19 symptoms than other patients. This is particularly concerning for younger patients who have no other risk factors. Read the article here.…Read More

  2. A letter to our patients regarding COVID-19

    Dear Valued Patients: We at Anchorage Bariatrics recognize that the current national and world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has created serious concerns for everyone in our community. We also understand that as we are all forced by these circumstances to change our daily activities and restrict our interactions with others, each member of our community will have mounting worries regarding not only their…Read More

  3. Want bariatric surgery? Get info from reliable sources only!

    Bariatric surgery is a big decision. We know there are questions in your mind from what you might have read or heard. There are plenty of information sources out there, but be careful which ones to believe. We recommend talking to your doctors or other health professionals to make sure you get straight answers. Why talking to your doctor is better: 1. You'll get specific answers to your specific …Read More

  4. I didn’t care what other people said…

    When you choose to take good care of yourself, you are choosing to give the best of you to the people around you. Julie, a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, and colleague gives just that to the people around her - the best of her! How does she do it? No magic involved - just hard work and pure love. Amazing what we’re capable of when we care. We become brave and strong and ad…Read More

  5. Progress Report: Where am I now with my health resolution?

    How are you 15 days into the year? We bet you're doing fabulous! Remember that list we talked about in the last newsletter (the resolutions list)? How are you doing with yours? Forgot about it after the shock of returning to your normal routine? It's absolutely normal! What matters is that you put it in your heart to start and to continue working on it. Remember, a health goal is continuous work…Read More

  6. New Year. New Feels. New Chances. Same Dreams. Fresh Start.

    The book of 2019 is ending and the book of 2020 is about to begin. How would you like to begin your new book? Have you made New Year's resolutions? Somewhere on that list there's probably a bit about getting healthy or healthier this coming year and that's great! We at Anchorage Bariatrics believe your health is top priority because we can do things better when we are at our best! We are able to…Read More

  7. Ready for the holidays?

    The happiest season of the year is here and it means parties - good food and drinks everywhere! Sticking to your diet might get tricky because (1) there's so much food to share, (2) you wouldn't want to offend people who have worked hard for these meals and well, (3) grandma's cooking is just irresistible and you get to taste her cooking once year! If you can't say no, here are some things you can…Read More

  8. Oh dear… I think I ate too much!

    Promises have been made and broken before. We're all guilty of that, but what's done is done. What's important is that we do something now to make things better for today and the future. This sentiment applies to overeating during the holidays. It feels bad physically when you eat too much and it feels bad emotionally when you know you've broken a promise to yourself. But, you don't need to dwell …Read More

  9. Two keys to staying on track this Thanksgiving holiday

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This is a great occasion where we celebrate with good company and good food, but don’t get carried away! You still have to be mindful of what you eat. Sure, that table is full of yummy dishes that are probably rich in sugar, carbs and starch, but remember there are also dishes that are rich in protein (whew – that’s a relief). One strategy you can try …Read More

  10. Is your body telling you something?

    "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." ~Jim Rohn Listen to your body. What is it telling you? Are you well? Are you not? Listen. Most of the time, we take self-care for granted because we have so much to do. We say sleep can wait, rest can wait, exercise can wait, healthy eating can wait - because those things take up too much of your time. You want to be productive, so …Read More

  11. Do you really need a support network?

    Where do you find a support network? You have family, friends, fellow patients and medical providers. Each one of these groups offer a different type of support for you. Your family, they could serve as your inspiration because you might want to be a healthier person to be with them longer or to be able to participate in activities with them. Your friends, they are like your family in that they…Read More

  12. In many cases, there’s more to weight gain than just overeating

    “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired." ~Dennis R. Many can relate to Dennis's sentiment of being sick and tired all the time. It was his weight that was doing this to him and he knew that - that's why he decided to do something about it. Dennis is still in the middle of his weight-loss journey, but he's making waves of inspiration already! Dennis's weight was not just due to overeating …Read More