1. Kathleen K.

    Kathleen K. “You have to push yourself. It’s not easy, but if you do, that will open up so many more doors,” says Kathleen, wife to a military husband and mother to two children, about her weight loss journey with Anchorage Bariatrics. When her husband was home from the military, Kathleen shared that they would eat out a lot. She continued to gain weight after delivering her children. The we…Read More

  2. Jenifer B. before and after

    Jenifer B.

    Jenifer B. “Start by doing small things, make small changes. If you try to do everything at once, you’re just going to end up being a failure.” That is what Jenifer, a Criminal Justice Planner, wants to stress in her story. She also shared, “Holy moly! I’m jogging and I’m not dying!” “I had always been overweight, especially when I hit puberty,” remembers Jenifer. “My breasts d…Read More

  3. Karen P.

    Karen P. “Metamorphosis. I was a chubby caterpillar and now I am a sleek butterfly!” exclaims Karen. “The scale said 301. I have undergone 11 orthopedic surgeries and was diagnosed with MS. I was in a lot of pain and taking pain medication. I felt sorry for myself,” said Karen. Karen relates that the multiple orthopedic surgeries greatly contributed to her inactivity. When Karen was diagno…Read More

  4. Jennifer D.

    Jennifer D. “People say bariatric surgery is the easy way out, and I’m here to tell you, it’s not. It was a big change. Changing my habits was a struggle, but once I started to get out and do more with my new life, it felt amazing and worth the challenge,” begins Jennifer D., a patient of Dr. Sean Lee at Anchorage Bariatrics. After seeing the results of her surgery at Anchorage Bariatrics …Read More

  5. Julie A.

    Julie A. “I’ve never been anybody’s inspiration,” begins Julie A., a gastric sleeve patient at Anchorage Bariatrics. “Now I’ve lost half of my body weight and I’m winning 5k and 10k races in my age group. My grandkids want to run like me; that, I’m proud of!” From her heaviest at 240 pounds, Julie is now down to 120 pounds! How did she do it? No magic, no shortcuts – just plain…Read More

  6. Tim & Megan C.

    Tim & Megan C. Husband & Wife *Results May Vary As parents, we always want to be there for our kids.  That is one of the biggest motivators for parents Tim and Megan C. who pursued bariatric surgery. Post-surgery, Tim shares, “Being able to walk upstairs without being winded, being able to walk for long periods of time without ankles, knees and backs hurting, it’s like a whole new wor…Read More

  7. Sherri R.

    Sherri R. Have you ever been body shamed? Made to feel like a second-class citizen because of your weight? It’s the last socially-acceptable form of discrimination and it happened to Sherri R. one day. As unfortunate as that incident was, it was the spark that lit the flame for Sherri to make the positive change she needed to make. Sherri, who is a nurse, was first concerned with how she would h…Read More

  8. Cara H.

    Cara H. “I’m only 24. I thought I had time to lose this weight on my own. I figured, ‘I’m young enough, I can probably do it.’ Then I got real with myself and realized I had already been trying for years,” laments Cara H., a young professional in Anchorage. Cara relates that she had always been “chunkier” growing up and that the weight began packing on in her teens after undergoing…Read More

  9. Joni J.

    Joni J. Business Owner Joni is a hardworking woman who spent the last 12 years of her career in Alaska’s oil and gas industry in Prudhoe Bay’s oil fields. Known affectionately as “Boney Joni” in her childhood years, Joni never had to worry about her weight in her youth or even after she gave birth to her two sons. But, as she reached her late 40s, she was adding 10 to 15 pounds each year a…Read More

  10. Jabiel C.

    Jabiel C. “I was always the skinny kid growing up,” begins Jabiel C. “I never had to worry about my weight or eating habits until I retired from the military after a 20 year career. At that time, I was a little overweight, but once I didn’t have that daily routine any more, the weight came on quickly. In 2015, I hit 300 pounds and knew I had to make a change.” As the scale went up for Ja…Read More

  11. Kat H.

    Kat H. Tour Guide At 367 pounds, Kat, a mother and grandmother, could barely make it through the day. The joint pain and fatigue from carrying around that much weight was really taking its toll, and Kat knew she needed to make a change in order to survive. “A simple trip to the grocery store would wear me out,” laments Kat. “After I got back home my knees would hurt so badly that I would hav…Read More

  12. Dorothy S.

    Dorothy S. Retired One day in 2012, Dorothy S. was at work when she suddenly passed out, dropping to the floor and nearly hitting her head in what could have been a tragic accident. Thankfully, she was OK and wound up in the emergency room with only minor injuries. While she was there, she was given the news that she had full-blown Type 2 Diabetes, a disease brought on by her weight and unhealthy …Read More