1. Do something for yourself

    Some people like to use "milestone" dates to turn over a new leaf. Well, today is November 1, the start of a new month, so why not make one change for yourself today? Here are some examples of small changes that you can do right now to take a step towards a healthier you: Food: Today at lunch, choose whole wheat bread for your sandwich Opt for water instead of soda Tonight at dinner, choose whole …Read More

  2. What Plan Is Right For You?

    You can get books about weight loss. You can buy exercise videos. You can try different types of diets. But the one thing all of these is missing, is YOU. You are unique, so shouldn't your weight loss plan be unique, too? So many of us have tried everything under the sun to no avail. The problem just might be that your body isn't responding to the program you're attempting because it is not the ri…Read More

  3. How To Cut 100 Calories From Every Meal

    By cutting calories in small places at each meal, by the end of the day you'll end up with big reductions that you probably won't even notice! Here are some tips on how to swap out food and drinks for their lower calorie versions. Breakfast Replace your morning glass of regular juice with a glass of lite or reduced-sugar juice Switch out 1 ounce (oz) of cooked pork bacon for 1 oz of Canadian bacon…Read More

  4. 5 Simple Rules

    Diet advice is everywhere—on the Internet, in our favorite magazines, and passed on by word of mouth. Sometimes it is just overwhelming. To make it easier, here are five foolproof guidelines to help you eat more healthfully. 1. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, pass it up. Many people diligently look at the front of the package or the nutrition label before purchasing any food, but fail t…Read More

  5. How to Overcome Barriers

    Are you trying to incorporate exercise into your daily routine but finding it difficult? Overcoming the "I don't have time" obstacle can be a challenge. Any time you change up your routine, things feel "off" for a little while until the new routine eventually becomes the norm. Attempting to add a two hour gym workout five days a week is probably not going to sit well with your schedule, so start s…Read More

  6. In the News!

    Last week, Dr. Clark and Dr. Lee were guests on NPR 91.1 Line One show with Dr. Thad Woodard. The topic was Surgical Options for Obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux, and the doctors discussed many types of procedures that can be done to help people. Click here to listen to the show! In addition to surgical options, like those discussed on the radio show, Anchorage Bariatrics offers medication assi…Read More

  7. Medication Assisted Weight Loss

    Are you struggling to lose weight but not quite ready to consider surgery? If you have not yet tried medication assisted weight loss, it might be worth a shot. Medicines such as Phentermine can help with impulse control, allowing you to make better food choices, as well as help curb cravings. When added to a healthy diet and exercise program, these medications can assist with weight loss in patien…Read More

  8. Eat Dinner For Breakfast And Breakfast For Dinner!

    Breakfast! You may have heard that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," well, its true! People who eat a big, hearty breakfast tend to feel less hungry throughout the day, tend to snack less, and make healthier food choices. If you have your bigger meals earlier in the day and smaller ones in the afternoon and evening, your metabolism will adjust and you will lose more weight in the …Read More

  9. We’re Here To Help You

    Over the past year, Anchorage Bariatrics has grown into the premier center for Alaskans seeking surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Sean Lee to our team of surgeons! Dr. Lee is a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine and completed his residency and fellowship at Duke University. He was drawn to bariatrics due to its proactive nature and a…Read More

  10. Prepare for Weight Loss Success

    “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” - Robert H. Schuller “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin You may have guessed what these quotes have in common - preparation is key to success. This concept applies to most aspects of life, an…Read More

  11. New Direction For Your Diet

    At Anchorage Bariatrics, we know that drastic diets and depriving yourself of all your favorite foods is a recipe for failure. With this in mind, our program incorporates New Directions engineered meal supplements that are ketogenic, or fat burning, with traditional grocery foods. This diet, when combined with increased exercise and activity, can help you lose two to four pounds per week. Whether …Read More

  12. Are You Drinking Your Calories?

    Did you know that one ounce of liquor has about 70-80 calories? And a lite beer has roughly 100. Consider these facts next time you belly up to the bar - you could be drinking way more calories than you realize. Another calorie sneak is the mixers that usually come with that one ounce of liquor. Rum and Coke is a popular one, so factor in an extra 50-75 calories if you drink these. A cocktail like…Read More