1. One Of The All-Time Healthiest Foods!

    Did you know that Anchorage Bariatrics has a Clinical Dietitian on staff? Erika Van Calcar, MS, RDN, LDN, is here to help you reach all of your weight loss and general health goals. She will make sure you receive a well-balanced diet while undergoing weight loss treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical. You can also see Erika even if you're not an existing patient. Erika will help you get rid o…Read More

  2. The Great Outdoors

    It's the height of summertime in Alaska! This is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer. Flattop Mountain is the most hiked mountain in Alaska - have you tried it? The 1.5 mile trail to the summit provides gorgeous views of Mt. McKinley and the Aleutian Islands. If you're not up for that, try the path to the overlook, its just a short walk. The Tony Kno…Read More

  3. Benefits Of Fiber

    Can fiber help you lose weight? Well, that depends, but mostly the answer is yes, as long as you're getting it from whole fruits and vegetables. Soluble, viscous fiber - the kind found in asparagus, legumes, brussels sprouts and oats, among others - will help you feel full longer, therefore causing you to naturally eat less. They also contain the type of fiber that feeds the healthy, good gut bact…Read More

  4. The Exercise -> Energy Cycle

    Just like a healthy, well-balanced diet, adding frequent exercise to your routine is a key component of achieving and maintaining your lower weight. It helps change your metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning and in turn gives you more energy. Think of it as a healthy cycle of more exercise becomes more energy to exercise. Besides walking, there are several other easy to implement exercise pro…Read More

  5. Your Recipe For Success!

    Here's your recipe for success: make meaningful changes in your life by making small changes in your behavior. When it comes to diet and exercise, baby steps are the way to go. Drastic diets and depriving yourself of your favorite foods is a recipe for failure, even for someone with incredible willpower. For most of us, making one or two small changes per week can add up quickly and you will see r…Read More

  6. Stay On Track On Vacation

    Sticking to your diet while on vacation can seem near impossible. Diets are hard enough when you're at home in your own kitchen, let alone when you're out of your element and more likely to be eating at restaurants. So, what's a girl or guy to do? First, don't panic. Unless you're travelling to an exotic place, there's probably going to be a grocery store nearby. Stop in when you first arrive and …Read More

  7. Water, The Perfect Place To Exercise

    Let's talk about exercise for a moment. Not the crazy fitness videos you see advertised on TV or the high-pressure gym, but the daily movements you can work into your lifestyle to get your heart pumping and muscles moving. In our experience, the patients who make exercise a regular activity lose the most weight and keep it off long term. Starting to form this habit now is important because it will…Read More

  8. The Good Fats

    Did you know that healthy fats should make up about one third of your caloric intake? A balanced diet plan, such as the one we recommend, consists of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. (You may have heard of The Zone Diet? Same principle.) Not all fat is bad, and avoiding these good fats can be detrimental to your health, too. The good fats to consume include olive oil, salmon, avocado, w…Read More

  9. Pros of Probiotics

    Probiotics have received a lot of press over the past several years, and there is more and more scientific evidence to support all of the hype. Probiotics aid digestion and keep your gut moving, which helps reduce bloating and discomfort. They also boost your immune system and are particularly beneficial to women's health. A 2006 study by Stanford University found that the intestinal bacteria in o…Read More

  10. You are not alone!

    You are not alone if you're wondering why you are overweight despite your efforts. Almost 70% of adults are obese or overweight, and this is the leading cause of diabetes and a risk factor for many other health problems. That is why we are passionate about helping you lose the weight so you can be healthy and live your best life. Genetics, behavior, and the environment all play a role, so there is…Read More

  11. What Type Of Eater Are You? Tips For Specific Food Personality Types

    The team at Anchorage Bariatrics is committed to guiding you along your path to a healthier lifestyle. This week, we offer some "food for thought" when it comes to your "food personality." Are you a "Snack Grazer," "Dashboard Diner" or "Party Binger?" Check out these specific recommendations for specific types of eaters here. If you would like more information about how Anchorage Bariatrics can he…Read More

  12. Overnight Oats, Metabolism Tips And A New Beginning

    Welcome to Anchorage Bariatrics, your partner in your quest for a healthier lifestyle. In this newsletter, you will find tips to fit some light exercise into your daily routine, a quick and easy nutritious recipe to try, and helpful links to resources for weight loss. If you would like more information about how Anchorage Bariatrics can help you with a customized weight loss solution, would like t…Read More