At Anchorage Bariatrics we offer a full spectrum of weight loss options, including medication assisted weight loss, nonsurgical options (the intragastric balloon
devises), and bariatric surgery (gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy). However, whichever way you choose to lose the weight, I can promise you the only way to
successfully maintain your weight loss long term is to combine these options with a healthy well-balanced diet and regular exercise.

As part of your approval process for our program, I request that you read the book by Brian Wansink PhD entitled Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we think. I have even included this book in your welcome package.

In the following pages you will find:

  1. A handout regarding taking a good daily multivitamin
  2. Basic information on a well balanced diet
  3. A list of specific goals to choose from to fill out your Power of 3 checklist
  4. Some general exercise goals and recommendations
  5. Your Power of 3 diet checklist — Fill out monthly and return to my office
  6. Your Power of 3 exercise checklist– Fill out monthly and return to my office

Please see our Ideal Body Weight Chart