Hernia repair surgery is a very common type of surgery. A hernia occurs when the muscle wall containing an organ tears and a portion of that organ protrudes through it. Hernias may be very small and not cause any symptoms, or they can be larger tears that cause pain when the organ is squeezed through the hole.

Hernias tend to happen in the groin and abdominal areas. They can be caused by lifting excessive weight or lifting from an awkward position, or by persistent coughing or sneezing. Weakened abdominal muscles are at risk for a hernia, which is why watching your diet and performing core-strengthening exercises are important in prevention.

Hiatal hernias occur when the top part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm next to the esophagus. Symptoms of this type of hernia include severe heartburn, food regurgitation, chest pains and shortness of breath.

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Our expert surgeons have performed countless hernia procedures and are here to help you heal and recover quickly from your surgery. We use a laparoscopic technique to locate the hernia and repair it in the least invasive way possible. You can expect to resume regular daily activities within about two weeks post-surgery and a full recovery will be achieved in about six weeks.

Our goal throughout the entire process is to keep you safe, well informed and comfortable.

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