The holidays are here again and it’s the season of fun and merriment. It’s also the season of parties, reunions, preparations and clean-ups. There’s a lot to do during this time of the year and it could get REALLLLLY overwhelming. Now, don’t do that – don’t stress over the holidays because stressing is just bad (best word to describe it).

First of all, stress and weight-gain are best friends (because, well, comfort food…). If you get stressed, your body craves food and that leads to weight gain! So what to do? With everything on your list, you might think you don’t have time to think about what you should eat.

Next, don’t stress on how not to get stressed out. Breathe. It’s the season of fun and merriment, not the season of perfection, but you do need to watch what you eat because the holidays are not really “cheat days.” The best way to enjoy and stay on track this season is to eat in small portions and stay active. If you ever get stressed, don’t turn to food. Try walking instead. Enjoy the cold breeze. Rest your brain. Rest your body. Remember, the season will pass, but the weight you might gain (if you’re not careful) won’t go with it.

Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!

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Tips on how to not get too tired after the holidays

1. Remember what the holiday is really all about.

2. Enjoy the company, not the food (eat healthy!)

3. Take some downtime (a relaxed body and mind can do more and do better)

4. Slow down.

5. Get cozy. Pajamas, hot chocolate, big blanket…

Comfort Food that Burns Fat?
Chicken Noodle Soup!

“People who eat a broth- or vegetable-based soup before their meal consume fewer calories overall,” says Rania Batayneh, MPH, nutritionist and author of The One One One Diet. “The water in the soup helps fill you up and boosts satiety, and just the act of eating soup helps slow your eating down so that your body has time to notice feelings of fullness.” One Penn State study found that people who ate soup before digging into their entrees reduced their total calorie intake by 20%. Plus, chicken noodle varieties pack the protein, vitamins, and fiber you need to rev your metabolism even after your meal.