It’s the third week of 2019 and it’s the third week we’re fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions!

Totally forgot about it? Yup, that’s normal, especially with all the post-holiday cleaning and preparing to go back to our normal routines. But now that you remember, it’s a good time to re-start!

You might get anxious looking at your list but don’t stress yourself out about it. Start small. If you succeed with the small steps, then you are more likely to be inspired to take another one and another until you have achieved your goal! It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t give up. Forgive yourself any mistakes and don’t let them stop you.

Set a realistic goal. Ask for guidance. Don’t know where to start? Ask us!

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Our next Support Group is Wednesday, February 6 and the topic is “Ask your surgeon” with our very own Dr. Justin Clark. Support groups are FREE and open to everyone! The meeting will be from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM in the Willow Room (adjacent to the cafeteria) at Providence Hospital. Click here to register!

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New Year’s Resolution Success Tips

1. Set Realistic Goals
>> Know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t change yourself overnight.
2. Start Small
>> Baby steps are small but they do move you forward and won’t tire you easy.
3. Do one resolution at a time.
>> Check one off your list, then go to the next.
4. Take a Breather
>> Remember, it’s not a race. Find your pace.
5. Remind yourself why you put this list together. Go back to that inspiration. Always.

Bananas: Fattening or Weight-Loss Friendly?

Bananas are healthy and nutritious, there is no doubt about that. They are also high in fiber, but low in calories. Most bananas have a low to medium glycemic index, and should not cause big spikes in blood sugar levels compared to other high-carb foods.

Although there are no studies that directly examine the effects of bananas on weight, they do have several properties that should make them a weight loss friendly food. If you are trying to lose weight, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating bananas as a part of a balanced, real food based diet.