When you choose to take good care of yourself, you are choosing to give the best of you to the people around you. Julie, a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, and colleague gives just that to the people around her – the best of her!

How does she do it? No magic involved – just hard work and pure love. Amazing what we’re capable of when we care. We become brave and strong and adventurous in trying new things. According to Julie, her turning point was when she started feeling like she had no energy. She couldn’t keep up with her grandkids and just felt unhealthy. Julie knew she had to do something… She then decided that it was time for her to care for herself and the positivity and energy followed through!

“Like they say, when you’re ready, you’re ready! I didn’t listen to what other people said. I just decided bariatric surgery was for me, and with the support of my family, I went for it. They say I’m an inspiration, which I never thought I’d be. My friends and I do triathlons and run races together now and help one another pursue healthier lifestyles,” shares Julie.

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5 Signs You’re Exercising the Wrong Way

Exercise is good, and chances are you need more of it. But be sure to know your limitations, follow your doctor’s advice, and exercise intelligently to avoid injury (and maximize benefits). Here are five signs you may be doing it wrong:
1. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to lay off whatever you are doing.
2. You’ve hit your plateau.
3. You never increase your heart rate.
4. You’re dreading your workout.
5. Delayed recovery time.

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Choosing Goals

For your Power of 3 Diet Checklist, choose a few goals from this list….or make up your own. Hold yourself accountable by checking each box daily.

  • I will take a daily multivitamin
  • I will eat slower (1 bite every 30 seconds)
  • I will leave food on my plate
  • I will pack a lunch
  • No fast food
  • I will use a smaller plate
  • I will cut down on meat and carbs by 20%
  • I will increase fruits and vegetables by 20%
  • I will not go back for seconds
  • I will not eat in front of the refrigerator
  • I will not eat out of a package or bag
  • I will stop eating when I feel full
  • I will stop eating when I am no longer hungry (advanced)
  • I will not eat while watching TV
  • I will not eat at my desk/computer

More items on this list here: https://www.anchoragebariatrics.com/diet-and-exercise-plan/the-specifics/


As you will see from the book Mindless Eating, making meaningful changes in your diet (and life) is most successful by making small changes in your behavior. Drastic diets and depriving yourself of your favorite foods is a recipe for failure. The diet you are going to be on will be designed by you. You know yourself better than any doctor.