It has been a stressful year (to say the least!) and you’re finally getting a break during the holidays. But, should you indulge and give yourself a treat for surviving? Absolutely! Just make sure you indulge yourself in the right things – healthy foods, treats, and activities. We know temptations are all over the place so learn to spot them and change to a healthier course!

TEMPTATION 1: Cold weather = bed weather. It’s so nice to stay under that warm blanket all day, but don’t let the cold be your excuse to stay in bed! What to do: Stay a few minutes longer than you usually do on a non-holiday day, don’t rush and when you’re ready, get up and do some gentle stretches, OR don’t get up and do your stretches on the bed! (Stretching recommendations below!) Stretching will help get your joints loosened up and your blood flowing to get your body ready for some activity.

TEMPTATION 2: Delicious home-cooking. Grandma makes the best ____! (fill in the blank) You know you want it, so go get it! BUT, eat mindfully! What to do: Eat everything in small portions. Eat a small portion now and eat another small portion later. It’s the holiday season – there’s delicious food everywhere, it’s not going to run out too soon and there’s no deadline to finish it.

TEMPTATION 3: Too much planning. The plan is to stay healthy this holiday season! That’s great, but don’t plan so much that you’re stressing about it to the point of throwing in the towel and overindulging. What to do: Let the day come to you naturally. Just make sure you don’t forget the basics – simple physical activity daily, mindful eating, and your health goal top-of-mind.

An indulgence is not necessarily a bad thing. Why not indulge in something that your body will thank you for later? Get a massage, take a bubble bath, try a new healthy recipe in place of a traditional one, and remember to smile and celebrate the season with the ones you love.

Why Do We Recommend You Choose A Local Surgeon?

If you are thinking of bariatric surgery, it is important to pick a surgeon in Alaska so you can get local pre- and post-operative care.

With the volume of patients we have, it is difficult for us to bring in patients who had their procedures elsewhere, despite our sincere desire to help everyone.

Yoga Poses You Can Do This Holiday Season

November 14 Is World Diabetes Day

In 2020, the World Diabetes Day campaign focuses on promoting the role of nurses in the prevention and management of diabetes. Learn more:

Why is it important to know about diabetes?
Early detection and treatment of diabetes is an important step toward keeping people with diabetes healthy. It can help to reduce the risk of serious complications such as premature heart disease and stroke, blindness, limb amputations, and kidney failure.

Learn more: ASPE HHS – Diabetes National Plan Action and the Importance of Early Diabetes Detection