“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.” ~Dennis R.

Many can relate to Dennis’s sentiment of being sick and tired all the time. It was his weight that was doing this to him and he knew that – that’s why he decided to do something about it. Dennis is still in the middle of his weight-loss journey, but he’s making waves of inspiration already!

Dennis’s weight was not just due to overeating – it was the result of mental stress, medical issues, alcoholism and addiction. The stress started early on in Dennis’s life which later led him to an unhealthy path. But, Dennis was stronger than he imagined – he knew he had to go a different path and he did! Dennis’s discipline and persistence is one story we’d love to share over and over because his positivity is just contagious! Read more of his story here: https://www.anchoragebariatrics.com/success-stories/dennis-r/

So how’s Dennis doing now?

“The new stomach pouch created by my sleeve gastrectomy is a tool, not a cure all. I’ve learned that food is not everything. It used to be such a big deal for me, but now it isn’t all-consuming. I’m learning how to live and eat sensibly and it feels amazing,” Dennis says. “I’m grateful for all of the support from Anchorage Bariatrics, especially the psychological team, and I look forward to losing the next 100 pounds. You’ll hear from me again next year and you bet I’ll be at my goal weight. Nothing can stop me now!” ~Dennis

One of the most important factors in succeeding with your weight loss is your support network.

Having a great support network made up of family, friends, and fellow patients will increase your chance for successful weight loss and especially for keeping it off. Studies show over and over that patients who attend support groups after surgery do better. At Anchorage Bariatrics, we do our best to make sure you get the support you need to succeed. We have dedicated support groups for our patients that are also open to the public for anyone to attend. They are always free.

10 Things You Can Do Today to Begin Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

1. Learn about weight loss surgery.
2. Research your insurance policy.
3. If you smoke, quit smoking and discontinue use of all tobacco and nicotine products.
4. Make changes in your diet.
5. Begin tracking your food and water.
6. Drink more water and limit all other beverages.
7. Begin an exercise routine.
8. Commit to not gaining additional weight.
9. Change your relationship with food.
10. Focus on your mental and emotional health.


Knowledge is Power

Surgery can be scary for anybody, but knowing how something works could help calm you down. Here are tips on how you can get that confidence to undergo surgery:
1. Find the best medical team for you. A good medical team would be happy to answer all your questions from your qualifications, to how you can prepare for it, to how the surgery works, to after-surgery care to insurance matters.
2. Find inspiration from former and current patients. Read success stories and testimonials – check websites, social media reviews and other medical review websites.
3. Don’t depend on Google for medical inquiries – ask a real doctor!
4. Talk to somebody about your plans to undergo surgery. Support from people close to you is the best source of strength when going through these kinds of situations.