Information today (we think) is at the tip of our fingers. Want to know something? Google it. Want to exercise? Search for an exercise routine on Youtube – you’ll find everything from yoga to extreme sports. Diet? Google has it all.

But does it work? Not always because Google doesn’t have the first-hand human experience. It’s written or uploaded by experts, but they’re not exactly tailored for you.

Let’s say you bought a whole yoga class video. Why is it not working for you? Because, like yogis would say, you need a trained eye to check if you have the proper form. If you’re not doing it right, it may not work and you might even injure yourself.

How about the diet? Like the exercises, diets work best when tailored to an individual’s specific needs. You might think you can just read about portion control or “eat this, not that,” but there are other factors that should be considered before going on a diet. In fact, this may be how the yo-yo diet was born – you try this diet plan but it didn’t work so you try another and it doesn’t work either, so you just throw in the towel.

Support groups are also very important when trying to lose weight. With support groups, you will learn things about losing weight that Google can’t explain due to the interactive nature of the groups and the experiences of those group members. Here, you can ask questions and you will get an answer from a person, not a link to click with more information that may or may not be relevant.

When it comes to losing weight, the human factor cannot be overlooked. A personal touch is what we are here for, and we are here for you!

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Laugh Every Day

Stress takes an enormous toll on your health, waist, and immunity. And, as Reader’s Digest has said for nearly a century: Laughter is the best medicine. But did you know that laughter actually burns calories?

One novel study was commissioned by the comedy channel GO LD (Go On Laugh Daily) in Great Britain. Researchers, led by Helen Pilcher, PhD, formerly of London’s Institute of Psychiatry, looked into the number of calories burned by intense laughing and compared it to the calorie burn of other daily activities (strength training, running, even vacuuming). They found that intense laughter by itself can give you a bite-sized cardio workout: An hour of it can benefit you as much as a half hour of hitting it hard at the gym!

Laughing burns calories, but it can also boost total energy expenditure by up to 20 percent. To put that into perspective: One hour of laughter burns up to 120 calories, about the same as 18 to 27 minutes of weight training, 15 to 20 minutes of walking, or 40 minutes of vacuuming.

Brown Rice

The first step on the path toward a happier you could be swapping out some of your favorite gluten-laden carbs for brown rice. Research published in BMC Psychiatry reveals that study subjects who adhered to a gluten-free diet enjoyed relief from their depression and anxiety. Brown rice can also help fight mood-depleting conditions like iron-deficiency anemia, thanks to its healthy helping of iron.