Jabiel C.

“I was always the skinny kid growing up,” begins Jabiel C. “I never had to worry about my weight or eating habits until I retired from the military after a 20 year career. At that time, I was a little overweight, but once I didn’t have that daily routine any more, the weight came on quickly. In 2015, I hit 300 pounds and knew I had to make a change.”

As the scale went up for Jabiel, so did his list of correlating medical issues. “It was like a landslide – the high blood pressure, fatty liver, and type-2 diabetes all hit at once. I was sleeping with a C-pap machine every night due to sleep apnea. I tried diet plans like Weight Watchers, I exercised, did what most people do to lose weight and it wasn’t working for me; it was just yo-yo dieting. I felt like my life was in danger and I started to research more permanent weight loss options with high success rates,” says Jabiel.

In the summer of 2017, a friend handed him a surgical weight loss flyer and Jabiel realized he would qualify for surgery. “I had heard of Dr. Clark through the military. My first time meeting him, I realized that he is just awesome! He made me feel comfortable right away. We discussed his extensive experience and that made me feel confident in his abilities,” shares Jabiel. “I went to the informational session and that answered a lot of my questions, then I talked with Dr. Clark and he was more than happy to answer the rest. He made me feel at ease right away with the choice we made for surgery.”

Jabiel had gastric bypass surgery in October 2015 and has lost 97 pounds. “I was a little nervous about going under anesthesia, but it really wasn’t that bad at all. My biggest concern was how I was going to eat less, but after the Anchorage Bariatrics team explained to me that the surgery would cause me to do that naturally, I felt like I had a safety net,” explains Jabiel. “The day of my surgery, I felt like ‘This is the first day of the rest of my life; the first day of me making myself better’ and I was so excited! Looking back now, it has been a great journey. I lost 40 pounds in the first six months – it makes you feel so good to see results that quickly.”

Jabiel says he feels healthier now at age 46 than he felt in his early 30s. “I feel more fit than ever. I can do whatever I want. Compared to what I was before surgery, it’s like night and day. I can run up to 3 miles at a time, I do CrossFit and TRX training, and I’m still highly motivated to do more. A few times I hit a wall, but I kept with it and overcame each time,” says Jabiel. “I don’t have the desire to lie on the couch eating Cheetos any more. I’m confident that I can have a cheat meal here and there and just get right back to my healthy routine – the bad habits are gone and it is easy to get back on the wagon. I don’t feel the need to binge eat like I used to.”

Even Jabiel’s wife is benefiting from his surgery. “My wife has lost 60 pounds by following my diet plan and we exercise together now. I’ve learned to track my food, avoid sodas and juice, and eat more whole grains,” Jabiel says.

“If you’re considering a weight loss surgery, don’t be nervous,” Jabiel shares. “Listen to Dr. Clark, he’s got all the information. The Anchorage Bariatrics system is easy to follow; they have a really good program and educate patients very well. Just do everything they say and the weight will disappear. No need to go anywhere else!”

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