Patrick J.
US Air Force Veteran

Imagine having to get off a crowded elevator because you caused it to be over the weight limit. Or not being able to participate in a zip line adventure on your family’s vacation to the Philippines. This is what Pat, a decorated former member of the US Air Force, was dealing with after a decade of gaining weight. Ashamed of his body, Pat would sneak away when it was time to take family photos. This is not how Pat envisioned living his life.

One day a colleague and friend confided in Pat that he had just undergone a bariatric surgery procedure to help lose weight. Pat had considered weight loss procedures for himself, but was afraid of surgery and the ensuing recovery. However, after watching his friend lose weight and regain confidence, Pat was inspired to change his own life. “I thought if my friend, who is larger than me, can do it, then there’s no reason why I can’t!” proclaimed Pat.

Pat had heard of Dr. Clark from their mutual affiliation with the Air Force base, so he decided to book an appointment. “From the moment I first arrived at the Anchorage Bariatrics office, I felt like I had entered a giant, welcoming support facility. The entire office staff is fantastic; you can tell immediately that they genuinely care about every person who walks in. I always felt like people were staring at me, pointing fingers, and whispering behind my back. It was the exact opposite at Anchorage Bariatrics,” explains Pat. “When I initially met Dr. Clark, my first impression of him was that he’s very professional and non-judgmental. I immediately felt very comfortable and, after reviewing and discussing all of my options, he really put my mind at ease. He’s just awesome!”

Prior to his laparoscopic sleeve procedure in September 2016, Pat was suffering from high blood pressure, swelling in his feet, and sleep apnea. He regularly finished off three or four plates at buffet dinners, consumed an entire pizza on his own, and drank lots of beer and coffee – up to a pot and a half a day! Just nine months later, Pat has lost 95 pounds and is feeling great. The swelling is gone, he’s sleeping better and his blood pressure is under control. He no longer feels the need to fill his “beach ball belly” to the breaking point – in fact, he doesn’t have any food cravings at all. He has completely eliminated soda and is down to just two cups of coffee a day.

“Mentally and physically, I feel great!” says Pat. “This surgery has been a real life saver. I’m no longer too tired to play with my grandkids, I don’t get out of breath going up the stairs – everyday things are so much easier. I can even shop in regular clothes stores now instead of specialty big and tall shops. It feels amazing!”

Pat has incorporated daily walks into his schedule and now packages his food into appropriate portion-sized containers to make healthy food choices easier. “Dr. Clark taught me how to measure out my food and take control over what I put into my body. I can still eat pizza if I want to, I just only eat one slice instead of the whole pie, and it is surprisingly easy,” claims Pat.

Pat shares that he is very happy with his results thus far, but he still has about 20 pounds to go to reach his goal weight of 175. “I lost 50 pounds in the first three months so it was great to see a difference right away. The entire process has been relatively painless; I was out of the hospital after one day and up walking around right away. The positive encouragement from the staff at Anchorage Bariatrics motivates me to stay on track and it is comforting to know that they truly want me to be successful,” Pat says. “Dr. Clark provided the avenue for change that I needed. Thanks to him and my own efforts, I feel like the sky’s the limit!”

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