Russell F.
PFD technician, retired military


“Before my surgery, I couldn’t even walk 150 yards. I couldn’t do anything with my children. Now I’m walking 2-3 miles a day, climbing 12-15 flights of stairs. I have a lot more energy and I’m a lot happier. I saw my sister for the first time in two years and she didn’t even recognize me!”

Russell F. had his first appointment with Dr. Clark in February 2015. Weighing in at 437 pounds, Russell was unable to live the life he wanted with his family of eight kids, ages 15 through 38. After seeing others achieve success with bariatric surgery, Russell sought out Dr. Clark and began the process of shedding weight in order to make bariatric sleeve surgery safe for him.

“Dr. Clark was great, he never chastised me for being overweight. He was very open and supportive and checked in with me every day after my surgery.”

Today, Russell weighs 193 pounds and is able to play softball with his daughter, hike up Mt. Roberts to visit his wife’s ashes and live a more active lifestyle. He finds that maintaining his weight through regular exercise and a healthy diet – consisting of small portions of game meat and salmon – has been an easy transition.

“My surgery has made a huge difference in my life, but it’s not a miracle cure. You have to change your lifestyle – drink water, exercise. I believe Dr. Clark’s surgery added 15-20 more years to my life, but the rest is up to me. I am in the best shape I have been in since I retired from the military on January 1, 1997. No more blood pressure medication, no more high cholesterol medication, no more pain medications and no more water-reducing medications. Life can be good and is good again.”

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