Teresa C.

Getting healthy can be a family affair. Just ask Teresa C. who, after years of struggling with her weight, found the courage to make a change after her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“I’ve had body image issues most of my life, dating back to high school. When I had difficulty with birthing my two children, the weight just crept on. Being a mom is stressful, and I would eat to stuff the stress away. My blood pressure and weight skyrocketed and I developed high cholesterol and sleep apnea,” remembers Teresa.

After her daughter’s diagnosis, Teresa knew she had to get healthy, not only to take care of her daughter, but to set a good example as well. She began researching weight loss options and attempted Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet, and appetite suppressant pills. These worked for a few months at a time, but the weight would always come back.

“I found Dr. Clark by researching doctors in Anchorage. I had my initial visit to watch the informational video and it was so helpful – it really clarified my options and gave me insight into why I have struggled for so long. When I met Dr. Clark in person, I was struck by how gentle and caring he is, and I appreciated how he listened to me and respected my opinions. I know he genuinely values all of his patients,” comments Teresa.

“After we decided on the gastric sleeve procedure, I was anxious to get things underway. I had had surgical procedures before so I wasn’t nervous about that. My biggest concern was keeping the weight off and adjusting my lifestyle. My family was very supportive and that helped a lot. I also received excellent support (and still do!) from the team at Anchorage Bariatrics and other patients. Making this change is a big deal and you can’t do it alone, so I’m very grateful for the support,” Teresa says.

“Right after surgery, my mental outlook was a little skeptical. I was thinking ‘well, I’m on autopilot right now, but what’s going to happen next?’ After about six months, I really felt like, yes, this IS going to work and I CAN do it! My attitude is 100% better, I have this still-surprising abundance of energy, and I feel like a ‘normal’ person now,” shares Teresa.

“One year later, my family is still adjusting to the new, energetic me. I always want to get up and go and try new things. I’m doing yoga, jogging, and I have much better balance on my cross-country skis. Life is wonderful now!” exclaims Teresa. “If you or someone you know is struggling with weight issues, come to Anchorage Bariatrics right now. Don’t hesitate and don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t do it. Set your mind and go for it!”

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