Tim & Megan C.
Husband & Wife

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As parents, we always want to be there for our kids.  That is one of the biggest motivators for parents Tim and Megan C. who pursued bariatric surgery. Post-surgery, Tim shares, “Being able to walk upstairs without being winded, being able to walk for long periods of time without ankles, knees and backs hurting, it’s like a whole new world!” 

Dr. Lee, co-owner and surgeon at Anchorage Bariatrics, says that is one of his favorite things to hear. Dr. Lee says “That’s a very pleasant feeling to see these folks come back having lost a bunch of weight, but mainly feeling a lot better and being more functional. They’re out doing more exercise, spending more time with their kids, and doing more activities they couldn’t do for many years. It’s a very rewarding feeling as a surgeon.”

Tim remembers being at his heaviest at 490 pounds. He says the weight started packing on after he got out of the army. Once he got close to 500 pounds, he just had had enough. Megan relates that she had been heavy her whole life, but was at her heaviest at 300 pounds. The couple agreed that they needed to make a change when they saw their oldest son picking up their unhealthy eating habits and they did not want this life for him. That was the wakeup call for Tim and Megan.  

Dr. Lee remembers first meeting Tim and Megan at Anchorage Bariatrics. “When Tim and Megan first came to us, they were struggling. They both had severe obesity, they both had a variety of medical issues related to that and they both have young children together. They want to be there for their kids,” he says.

Tim and Megan also recall their first visit at Anchorage Bariatrics. “When we made our initial appointment to see Dr. Lee, we just absolutely fell in love with him and the staff. Being able to go in there and not feel judged and not feel ashamed – it’s amazing. Knowing some of the staff members have gone through the same journey, you feel welcome and like they’re family.”

Fast forward to post-op, Megan recalls waking up after her surgery and making laps around the hospital. “The first two days after surgery, you’re kind of really tired – you spend a lot of time sleeping, just recovering. Things are a little sore, but it was nothing too terrible,” she shares. 

Her husband, Tim, recalls, “I was very excited to have my surgery and to get going on this journey. After surgery, when it sunk in that I can’t actually eat anything for three weeks, I missed chewing so badly, I was going through packs of gum like no one’s business. Mentally, that’s the hardest part of recovery. Everything else was easy!” 

Seven months post-op, Megan is down 102 pounds total, and Tim has lost 215 pounds since January of last year when he started with Anchorage Bariatrics. “Tim and Megan have already beat our expectations. As they continue to practice those healthy lifestyle changes, dietary and exercise-wise, we’re going to see them continue to do better and better,” says Dr. Lee.

What are Tim and Megan’s thoughts about bariatric surgery post-op? “My life is so full of potential at this point that I couldn’t see a year ago. It’s the greatest decision I have ever made,” proclaims Megan.

Tim says, “It’s an absolute night and day difference from my life pre-surgery to my life now. If I could talk to my former self or anyone that’s having second-thoughts, I can’t think of one reason why I wouldn’t have done it sooner.”

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