Wow! Look what she did! We are SO proud of Teresa for losing over 90 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery just one year ago.

Teresa says, “If you or someone you know is struggling with weight issues, come to Anchorage Bariatrics right now. Don’t hesitate and don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t do it. Set your mind and go for it!”

Thanks, Teresa! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! 😉

Read more of Teresa’s inspiring story here.

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Exercise Tip: Know your body

Inspiration to be fit can sometimes be a spur of the moment thing – you hang out with really fit people and you think “wow! I think I like that!” It’s great to have a model of fitness to follow, but you have to keep in mind that everyone is different when it comes to getting or staying fit. What works for one person might not exactly work for you, so you don’t necessarily have to copy exercise routines or diet plans.

Know your body. Look at what you can do and start light. Need overall fitness? Try simple exercises like walking or running. Check your health. Can your body take the stress of exercise? Do you have health issues or food allergies to take into consideration? There are plenty of things to consider when trying to stay fit so first things first – know thy self (and thy body!).

Almond milk for weight loss

Almond milk is basically blended almonds with water. It is a popular choice for vegans, those that are lactose intolerant or overall have dairy allergies. Did you know that a dairy allergy can actually be causing your weight gain? Dairy allergy is different from lactose intolerance. Dairy allergy can cause bloating as it is an inflammation in the gut. You might not know you have it but until you figure it out, almond milk is the safest way to go if you want milk – it’s yummy, it has a lot of nutrition and countless health benefits.