Slim. Fit. Happy.

Our next support group is June 7 (tomorrow)! Support groups are FREE and open to everyone, so please join us. The topic will be Body Contouring After Weight Loss, and our guest speaker is Dr. Dan Suver, from Plastic Surgeons of Alaska. The meeting will be from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM in the Willow Room (adjacent to the cafeteria) at Providence Hospital. Click here to register!

Let’s talk about exercise for a moment. Not the crazy fitness videos you see advertised on TV or the high-pressure gym, but the daily movements you can work into your lifestyle to get your heart pumping and muscles moving. In our experience, the patients who make exercise a regular activity lose the most weight and keep it off long term. Starting to form this habit now is important because it will become a part of your daily routine.

Exercising in the morning is the ideal time, as it sets the tone for your day, helps wake you up and gives you energy. People who exercise in the morning tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day and make healthier food choices. However, if mornings don’t work for you, then find a time that does and get in the habit. Just taking a walk, climbing the stairs in your house for 20 minutes, or doing a short low-impact routine will make you feel better. Remember, exercise is as much for the mind as it is for the body! For more information on healthy exercise changes you can make, click here to visit our website.

If you would like more information about how Anchorage Bariatrics can help you with a customized weight loss solution, would like to attend a free informational seminar or our Monthly Support Group, please call us at 907-644-THIN.