We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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Holiday Exercises

Almost any type of physical activity you do counts as exercise. Here are some great holiday activities that qualify as calorie-burners:

  • Walking the mall while shopping for gifts
  • Wrapping gifts (bonus, put on some music and dance while you do it!)
  • Cooking (ditto on the music bonus!)
  • Decorating the house (think of all those flights of stairs hauling decorations from the attic and then walking around putting them up inside and out)
  • Have a dance party with the family after Christmas dinner
  • Play musical chairs at the dining room table

Dark Chocolate

Want to indulge this holiday season? Dark Chocolate is the choice, topping milk chocolate because its strong concentration of cocoa means it’s packed with an antioxidant called flavonol. A recent study even found that those who scratched a chocolate itch five times a week were slimmer than those who didn’t. Bite off a square when the craving hits. A little goes a long way. Eat it by the piece, not by the pound.