Nutrition is the foundation for all of your body’s basic needs. You can control how you feel through nutrition, your weight, your energy levels – pretty much your entire body from your digestive system to your skin and hair are impacted by what you eat. That is why healthy nutrition is so important and also why fad or starvation diets don’t work.

To lose weight, you need to decrease the overall number of calories you consume each day. By taking in fewer calories, you must ensure that these calories are nutrient-dense so your body gets what it needs to function. Eating healthier foods leads to having more energy. Having energy makes it easier to incorporate the second element in losing weight – exercise. Eating a balance of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats will provide the fuel for your metabolism to burn fat and build muscle.

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Are restaurants ruining your diet?

Most of us don’t realize how often we eat out – whether that’s an afternoon ice cream break, morning drive-thru on the way to school, or the lunch out with coworkers. And that dinner you picked up but ate at home counts, too! There’s a lot of psychology involved when it comes to eating out. Usually, by the time we’re ordering we’re starving and unable to make healthy choices, plus everything on the menu looks yummy. We also feel compelled to eat everything on our plate, since we’re “paying” for it. If you eliminated two restaurant meals per week, you could save anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 calories, which equals about one pound of weight loss.

Kitchen Swaps

Next snack time, trade those peanuts for shelled edamame instead. Those peanuts might be heart-healthy, but they are over 200 calories per ¼ cup. Trade them in for legume ½ cup shelled edamame, sprinkled with 1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds and not only do you lose 100 calories, you gain 4 more grams of protein, too.