Want to have a healthier, well-balanced diet so you can lose weight? Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic solution, but this tip comes pretty close – are you ready for it?!

Make one small change to your eating habits. Just one. Pick anything – cut out soda, stop eating after 7pm, choose an apple instead of a bag of chips, eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast every day – pretty much any healthy change you can think of will work. Now, do it consistently for three weeks. Yes, that means every day.

Think of this one change as a lifestyle change, not something you’ll do temporarily and then stop. It may not be easy at first, but after you pass that three week mark, it will become just a normal part of your life. When you feel this way, you’ll know you’re ready to make one more small change. That’s why we recommend just making one change at a time, so you’ll be more likely to succeed and see results. Too many changes at once can quickly become overwhelming and unmanageable.

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First steps to getting healthy

There are so many different ways to get healthy, you may not even know where to begin. Two of the easiest and most effective ways to be healthier can be done by virtually everyone and do not require any preparation or equipment. Simply walk and drink more water. That’s it! Walking is a basic exercise that leads to big results over time and all you need are shoes on your feet. Too cold to walk outside? Go to the mall and walk around there (just don’t get distracted by shopping!). And lucky for you, water is available everywhere! Aim to drink 8 glasses per day.

Kitchen Swaps

Did you know you could use pureed Sweet Potato in place of cream to thicken soup? On a brisk fall or bone-chilling winter day, nothing warms like a hearty soup. Problem is, what makes a soup hearty is often cream, and lots of it – which makes hearty and heart-healthy two very different things. Instead of thickening soups with cream, then, add pureed sweet potato. The takeaway will be less fat and way more blood-pressure-friendly potassium. That’s a win-win for circulatory system.