Are you trying to incorporate exercise into your daily routine but finding it difficult? Overcoming the “I don’t have time” obstacle can be a challenge. Any time you change up your routine, things feel “off” for a little while until the new routine eventually becomes the norm. Attempting to add a two hour gym workout five days a week is probably not going to sit well with your schedule, so start slowly. If you want to go to the gym, try a 20-30 minute session twice a week at first. And stop there first on your way home from work, so you don’t get distracted and lose motivation.

Another strategy to overcome the exercise barrier is to disguise it as something other than exercise. Join a softball league, play tag with your kids, go for a nature hike, or even learn to play the drums – all will get your heart rate elevated while you’re having fun!

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Healthiest Foods

Milk: Dairy products are a primary source of calcium and vitamin D, both of which contribute to bone health. But adults who stick to nonfat (or low-fat) milk can lower blood pressure and reduce their risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Don’t let the kids hog the chocolate milk. It’s a great way to replenish after a workout. Other ways to try it out? On cereal or in hot cocoa, of course. But also try it as a soup base, or instead of water when you boil noodles.

While you watch TV…

Instead of sitting on the couch while you watch TV, try sitting on a large yoga ball. You can still enjoy your favorite shows and get in some light exercise at the same time.
– Using the wall for balance, lift one foot off the ground and extend your leg straight out, squeezing your thigh muscle for a few seconds, then switch legs.
– Keeping both feet on the floor, tip forward slightly at the waist and lift your heels up, squeezing your calf muscles for a few seconds, then rest and repeat.
– Spread your legs wide, to about 45 degree angles from your hips, and keeping both feet flat on the floor, engage your hamstring and glute muscles to slightly bounce on the yoga ball.
– Kneel on the floor with the yoga ball in front of you. Tip forward so that your chest rests on the ball and carefully lift your knees off the ground, so you’re in a plank position using the ball to support your weight instead of your arms. Use a piece of furniture or the wall to help balance.