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Sticking to your diet while on vacation can seem near impossible. Diets are hard enough when you’re at home in your own kitchen, let alone when you’re out of your element and more likely to be eating at restaurants. So, what’s a girl or guy to do?

First, don’t panic. Unless you’re travelling to an exotic place, there’s probably going to be a grocery store nearby. Stop in when you first arrive and stock up on some fruits and vegetables (most of these don’t even need to be refrigerated). Grab a few other staples and breakfast foods. Eating a good, healthy breakfast will start your day off on the right foot. If you hit the hotel buffet or go out for brunch each day, you could be tempted to consume way too many calories before the day is even half over.

Second, practice portion control. Dining out is a special treat and you’re going to want to enjoy your vacation by stopping in the local restaurants and sampling regional cuisine. The key here is to just order an entree – skip the appetizer (or make that your meal!) and skip dessert most nights. Treat yourself to one special dessert at the end of your trip if you’ve stuck to these guidelines – because after all, you’re on vacation!

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