Of course you’ve heard of “comfort food” and probably have a few favorites of your own. However, have you ever really thought about why comfort food exists and why you have such a strong desire to eat it? For most of us, comfort foods are rooted in traditions and emotional events. Think birthday cake on your birthday or turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving. These are things you look forward to and have fond memories of, which is why the food itself seems even more delicious.

Researchers have discovered that there was no reported emotional difference between subjects who consumed traditional comfort foods like mac and cheese versus those who consumed healthy foods or even no food at all. What this tells us is that it is really all in your brain and not your palette or stomach – and that’s GOOD news! Why? Because you can re-train your brain. Here’s how:

  1. Without judgement, think about your eating habits and food patterns.
  2. Keep an accurate food journal.
  3. Think about how you feel after you eat something and record those feelings.
  4. Review those feelings next time you are hungry. This will help you decide whether you want to eat foods that made you feel guilty, uncomfortable, or shameful afterwards and can lead to better food choices.
  5. Make a plan of foods that you can substitute for those foods that made you feel poorly. Have them on hand for the next meal. Being prepared is more than half the battle.

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Making Exercise a Family Affair

Everyone does better when they have support, and who better to support you than your family? Making exercise a part of your family’s routine can make it much more fun and will not only help you all become healthier now, it will instill a lifetime of good habits for your children.

Easy ways to incorporate exercise into your family’s daily schedule can be as simple as walking to and from school together or taking a family walk each evening before or after dinner. Having a family dance party while you’re cooking dinner is another great way to get everyone moving and laughing. Weekend bike rides or hikes can become a tradition and spring is a great time to begin. Make TV commercial breaks into little sprint fitness contests – who can do the most push ups or sit ups during the breaks? Change regular household chores into speed races (power vacuuming?!) and award the winner with the next pick on movie night. Anything you make into a fun and creative activity will be sure to engage your little ones and kids of all ages will love a little competition.

Best Foods for Weight Loss

The dairy category has numerous foods that are great for weight loss. One top item is cottage cheese – a powerhouse protein food that satiates in relatively small quantities, thus keeping your overall calorie intake down. Calcium, a top nutrient in cottage cheese, has also been shown to aid in the fat burning process.