Are you struggling to identify the reason why you are over weight? You are not alone. Many experts have agreed that there are three main factors associated with weight gain – genetics, behavior and the environment. When you combine these three factors, it almost makes sense why more than half of Americans are over weight. Read on to understand more about how these factors contribute to weight gain.

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Supported Exercises

If you are overweight, exercising can be difficult and even painful, which is why experts recommend starting out with supported exercises. When your body weight is supported by anything other than your own two feet, these are called supported exercises. Ideas for supported exercises include swimming, water aerobics (or just walking in chest-high water), riding a stationary bicycle, using a stationary hand bicycle, and using an erg machine (rowing machine).

Whole Wheat Bread

The nutrient punch comes from just the parts of a grain kernel that are lost when it’s refined: fiber, B vitamins, and iron. So beware bread not marked “100% whole grain.” Labels are like “multigrain,” “made with whole grains,” and “enriched” mean the product was probably also made with refined grains. Try it instead of white bread.