1. Old School Journal Writing as a Weight Loss Strategy

    Write it down. While it's not very common these days to use a pen and a paper, hand writing things really does work when you're trying to accomplish a goal. There's a psychology to it. That is why we have our patients keep food journals. Try it out with your personal weight loss journey. So, what do you write in that journal? Start with where you are now along your weight loss journey. Are you jus…Read More

  2. Little things to prevent weight gain

    Too busy to do something big for losing weight? There's no magic for that, but there are some things that you can do to help you not gain more. Simple tweaks in your daily life that would not exactly give you the results of a complete workout or diet, but would help you maintain your current weight or make small losses: Chew more. Take smaller bites. Eating fast will make you gain more weight beca…Read More

  3. “Is this the best I can do?”

    "Before my surgery, I couldn’t even walk 150 yards. I couldn’t do anything with my children. Now I’m walking 2-3 miles a day, climbing 12-15 flights of stairs. I have a lot more energy and I’m a lot happier." ~Russell F. Every person at some point is curious, "Is this the best I can do?" Why do we ask? Because we know we have limits, but there are some limits that we can extend. Take Russe…Read More

  4. There is always hope and a solution.

    Take care of your body because you only have one. No matter how badly you may feel, there is always hope and a solution. U-turns are allowed in this situation! Start by assessing yourself - Ask, 'When did I start gaining weight?' and 'What triggered this?' There are many factors in our lives that could contribute to weight gain, including medical conditions, psychological issues, sleep problems or…Read More

  5. Officially a Bariatric Center of Excellence!

    Last week, Drs. Justin Clark and Sean Lee, owners of Anchorage Bariatrics, became verified surgeons through the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP®), the only nationwide accreditation and quality improvement program for metabolic and bariatric surgery. Our doctors worked tirelessly alongside administrators and medical staff at Providence Alaska …Read More

  6. Drs. Clark and Lee Recognized as Verified Surgeons Through National Accreditation Program

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug. 27, 2018   Anchorage Bariatrics facilitates accreditation of state’s only Bariatric Center of Excellence Accreditation allows many insured Alaskans to now have bariatric surgery instate   ANCHORAGE -- Earlier this month, Justin J. Clark, M.D., founder and co-owner of Anchorage Bariatrics and director of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at Providence Alaska Med…Read More

  7. Finding a Weight Loss Buddy

    Are you tired of trying to motivate yourself to lose weight? It is true that there are just some things that we can do better with a buddy! Studies show that having a weight loss buddy leads to a high rate of success, but there are things to consider when choosing your partner. Your best friend is not necessarily "it." You have to be brutally honest with yourself when choosing your buddy. Here are…Read More

  8. Kat H.

    Kat H. Tour Guide At 367 pounds, Kat, a mother and grandmother, could barely make it through the day. The joint pain and fatigue from carrying around that much weight was really taking its toll, and Kat knew she needed to make a change in order to survive. “A simple trip to the grocery store would wear me out,” laments Kat. “After I got back home my knees would hurt so badly that I would hav…Read More

  9. Dorothy S.

    Dorothy S. Retired One day in 2012, Dorothy S. was at work when she suddenly passed out, dropping to the floor and nearly hitting her head in what could have been a tragic accident. Thankfully, she was OK and wound up in the emergency room with only minor injuries. While she was there, she was given the news that she had full-blown Type 2 Diabetes, a disease brought on by her weight and unhealthy …Read More

  10. Teresa C.

    Teresa C. Mom Getting healthy can be a family affair. Just ask Teresa C. who, after years of struggling with her weight, found the courage to make a change after her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. “I’ve had body image issues most of my life, dating back to high school. When I had difficulty with birthing my two children, the weight just crept on. Being a mom is stressful, and I w…Read More

  11. Kristi N.

    Kristi N. Registered Nurse Have you ever thought that no one understands how you feel about your weight? Kristi is one of those people who can relate - she’s someone who truly knows what it is like to be overweight and unhappy about it. She is also someone who had the courage to make a change and is now living her best life for it. “The summer after fourth grade, I went to stay with my grandmo…Read More

  12. Patrick J.

    Patrick J. US Air Force Veteran Imagine having to get off a crowded elevator because you caused it to be over the weight limit. Or not being able to participate in a zip line adventure on your family’s vacation to the Philippines. This is what Pat, a decorated former member of the US Air Force, was dealing with after a decade of gaining weight. Ashamed of his body, Pat would sneak away when it w…Read More